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T's and C's:

Pricing: monthly or once-off per coaching cycle
Duration: unless agreed to in writing and upfront, the minimum time-period for coaching is 12 weeks, and maximum is 24 weeks. Why? We believe that in order to properly train for an event you need at least 12 weeks of training (depending on the phase of season you are in) in order to be adequately prepared for your race. Similarly, training and performance improvements don’t happen overnight! It’s very common for athletes to go weeks, months, or even years (in the case of high level athletes) without improving on a personal best. As such, we think a 12 week period is a minimum length of time you will need to a) be in the best place possible to achieve your running goal(s) and b) see the benefit in having us on board as part of your running team. On the flip side of this coin, we don’t believe it is healthy to have running as your priority/primary sport 24/7 12 months a year. There is plenty of evidence that suggests a proper, planned post-season is beneficial in reducing staleness/burnout and reducing risk of overtraining or injury. It’s important to take a break and we will happily plan your next 24 week period with us after a short break from structured running training!