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Tapering: The theory behind the madness

If you haven’t read my post from last week, check it out before reading through this as I’ll be referring back to it throughout. This post will cover the theory of tapering (what does the science really say?), while simultaneously referring back to the taper


Ramblings of a Self-coached Sport Scientist

Over the course of a year I repeat the FT Test on several occasions so as to recalibrate my training zones and track my training progress. In today’s post I’m going to be analyzing two independent FT tests done on the same course and at similar


Running Mechanics: Improving Cadence (Part 2)

In my last blog post, I touched on exactly what stride frequency or cadence is (I use them synonymously in this post). The next question is how do I bring my current stride frequency (preferred stride frequency) closer to my ideal (optimal) stride frequency? The


Running Mechanics Series: Cadence (Part 1)

In my next series, I will be covering running mechanics and how to improve them. I’m also going to include a post about the difference in running mechanics between road and trail runners - something which I plan on doing my doctorate on. Lastly, I’ll


How to Train: Closing Thoughts

It’s here! For those of you who have been following my How to Train blog series - you’ll be sad (I hope) to learn this is my final post of the series. In this post I wanted to summarize my thoughts on everything I’ve said


How to Train (Part 3)

For those of you who read my blog posts; How to Train (Part 1) and How to Train (Part 2), you’ll be familiar with the four different training models I touched on (Polarized, High Volume, Threshold and High Intensity Interval Training). Additionally, you’ll remember that